Thursday, August 5, 2010

Golf and Friends | Blogged | Cincinnati Photographer

Okay remember how I told you that I would be posting personal as well as business stuff on the blog...Well here ya go. :) A personal entry. And it's gonna get sappy so bear with me. This past weekend I had the honor of taking some pics at an event held by the Community Crohns Foundation. One of my brother's best friends Ryan started this foundation after being diagnosed with the disease and he truly puts his heart and soul into it. a little backstory. Most of you know that my brother Dave passed away a little over a year ago. Well, Ryan and his fiancee Sara have been an absolute godsend for me over this past year. Not only have they laughed with me, cried with me, reminisced with me but they have done everything that they could possibly do to help me get my business up and running. They have given me referral after referral, talked me up to friends and co-workers, and even promised me that I have dibs on their first baby's newborn pics. So needless to say, when Ryan asked me to take some pics at this event, I jumped at the opportunity to help in any way that I could. I posted a couple on facebook but wanted to share a few more here:) Ryan and Sara....I seriously hate know this. BUT...I hope that you two know that without you guys, this year would have been nearly unbearable. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and I would give ANYTHING to have Dave back again but what an amazing friendship that has come out of a devastating loss. I can't help but think that Dave is up there right now thinking "cheeeeeeeeeeeessssssy!!!!" or "ya corny!"

I seriously chuckle every time I look at this one......It's like Sara is rushing to him with a beer after a long, hard day on the course....hahahahha

And if you look closely at this can see that Sara and Ryan's dad are levitating. But the most impressive part of the photo is that not one drop of Sara's beer spilled.

AND...the winning team with Ryan. (Make no mistake....Ryan was NOT on the winning team...Just handing out the trophies.) Just sayin. :)
Thanks again Ryan and Sara for letting me be a part of this amazing day:) Can't wait to drink beer...I mean... take pics again next year!

Oh and by the way! How cute is the new blog layout!! Thanks to Kassie from Designs by Kassie for hooking me up with this super cute design:) You can grab her info from my sidebar. She is super sweet and easy to work with and most importantly, affordable!!! :) Gotta love it. I will definitely be using her skillz again:)
The good news is...Now that the new blog is finally, finally complete, I can focus on actually blogging instead of trying to design it. I hope to have another sneak peek up tonight for a family session I did over the weekend! On tap for tonight, a session with a 3 month old sweetie pie:) Stay tuned:)


  1. Love the new look of the blog!! And the pics are great too!

  2. Sheila.... the site is amazing and so is your post about the CCF & Ryan and I. I wouldn't "talk you up" if I didn't believe in you and what you're doing. Love ya chick. This is awesome. I'm so proud of you (....and I know Dave is too).