Sunday, August 8, 2010

1 week | Blogged

1 week from today my oldest heads off for his first day of kindergarten. I have to be honest...I've been looking forward to this day for awhile but call it hormones or whatever but it just kind of hit me out of nowhere this weekend. KINDERGARTEN. That's the real deal....Makes my heart hurt. Time is flying by and it makes my heart ache. I can still remember the night I went into labor with Jackson. No idea what to idea that by the next morning I would be so head over heels in love with my new son that nothing else in my life would ever, ever be the same. Tomorrow, my sweet little man will be 6 years old! Unbelievable. And I'm more in love with him today then when I first laid eyes on him. He is tenderhearted, imaginative, funny, FULL of love for his mommy, daddy, sister and brother, independent, maybe a bit of a chicken, has stinky boy feet, loves icees and fruit snacks and hates meat and veggies, loves Transformers, cars, trucks, trains, Toy Story and wants to work at McDonalds when he grows up so he can get all the Happy Meals he wants. And he has me and his Daddy wrapped around his little finger. Yesterday he asked me if he could live at home with me forever and when I said "Sure..until you get big and get married," he got big huge tears in his eyes. So apparently not only does he look just like his Uncle Dave...but he also has the same aspirations as Dave did to live at home with his Momma forever:) You know I love ya Dave...just sayin. So, Big can live with Mommy forever if you want to. Love you so the moon and back...and then back...and then to Saturn...and to Heaven..and then around Heaven and then back to the moon...Forever.
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  1. So, so sweet. You almost made me cry! I am right there with you, my BABY is going to preschool. I can't believe it!

  2. i'm lovin your writing these days. to the moon and back. just sayin... keep pouring your heart out. it's beautiful!