Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunshine | Blogged

I've spent the majority of this fall shooting rather than blogging so I am going to attempt to play catch up over the next few days and blog a few of the great sessions I've had this month:) So here goes:)
This is Miss Sunshine.
And this is Sunshine's best friend Karen....
Who also happens to be my step-sister and one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world.
Okay, so technically, our parents haven't been married for years, but who cares. She is and will always be my sis.
Karen called last week and asked if I would meet up with her and her girl Sunshine to get some special pics. Soon.
You see, sweet Sunshine has terminal bone cancer. These pics were taken on Wednesday....and on Thursday, Sunshine had one of her legs amputated to hopefully buy her some time. My sis wanted pics or her running, playing, just being Sunshine. I could just feel the bond and the love between these two.
Sweet Sunshine is now home recovering and getting lots of lovin from Karen...but please keep this sweet pup and my sis in your prayers:)


  1. Awesome!!! Beautiful Girl and beautiful pics!! Especially with the fall colors!!! Great job!

  2. Beautiful and a smiling face.