Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fashion Shoot | Blogged

Okay...not really a fashion shoot...Just me and the Aubs in the backyard trying out some UBER cute outfits from Bleu Bird Designs. I decided I couldn't very well do a post for each of my boys and then not do one for Aubrey...and since she was actually in a cooperative mood in front of the camera yesterday..I took full advantage. Cause we all know that my kids HATE my camera and being chased around by me like I'm the freakin paparazzi.
Okay...So if you don't know my daughter Aubrey...Let me explain. Aubrey is pretty stinkin rotten. But truth be told...She is exactly like me. Looks just like daddy...acts just like mommy. Fabulous. For the first 3 years of her life, she was the biggest tomboy EVER. Hated dresses and getting her hair brushed and LOVED cars, mud, jeans and baseball. (Which, by the way, she is better at than her older brother:) Don't tell him I said so though.. So all of the sudden over the past few months....She has suddenly transformed into a GIRL! She wants to ONLY wear dresses, loves her some princess stuff and shuns anything even remotely 'boyish'. So how lucky am I that I was appoached by Dani of Bleu Bird designs to take some pics for her website of some of the caaaaauuuutttest dresses/tunics evva! She even sent me home with a bag full of clothes to try on my little hippie chick...Let me just say..if you are not a fan of Bleu Bird Designs on Facebook....go there now and check her out. Her stuff is custom made and oh.so.adorable.
Here are just a few from yesterday....and she will SO be wearing the purple and green dress on Thursday for her first day of school.
08 15 10_7286 copy.jpg
Love these next two...So completely *Aubrey*
08 15 10_7279 copy.jpg
08 15 10_7278 copy.jpg
08 15 10_7264 copy.jpg
08 15 10_7259 copy.jpg
Hope everyone is having a great week so far....Playing catch up this week so stay tuned for some sneak peeks:)

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