Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Home

For me and my photoblog this week! So if you were a follower of my previous blog...C'mon over to this one! So my website and blog are a work in progress but I wanted to at least do a test post to make sure that everything was somewhat presentable. I so do not love my blog....or my website for that matter..but I figure what the heck...It's all a work in progress and I can tweak as I go.
So the past few weeks have been ridiculously busy around here. We are finally moving back to Cincy after nearly 6 years out here in the Hoosier State. I can't decide if I'm excited or sad. BUT...I'm going to use the move as my excuse for why I haven't blogged any sessions lately. I.AM.A.SLACKER. Ok..not really. Really I have been working my butt off behind the scenes trying to get this business up and running. Soooo......this blog is where I will now be posting sneak peeks from my sessions. Seriously, I will. I will probably also bore you from time to time with personal stuff as well because you all know that I wear my heart on my sleeve and have a hard time keepin stuff to myself!!! :)
So..since it's late and this is about the hundredth night in a row that I've been up past midnight working..I will keep it short and sweet. I won't bore you with a bunch of personal stuff but wanted to share a few from a session I did this weekend for some family friends. Enjoy:)


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  2. Sheila,
    I love the new blog... and the new pics... although I'm slightly biased. It was so great having you here the other day! I had no idea you were so ridiculously talented! It truly shows you have such a passion for what you do; in the way you are with the kids and how you keep your sense of humor and professionalism all at the same time (even though it was nearly 100 degrees!) It's been quite a while since our last family photo and I'd have to say I was nervous, having 3 kiddos under 5 and all. Being able to run around and not be confined to a small indoor studio was such a treat. Thanks again for plying tag with us. I can't wait to see all our awesome pics!