{Session Info}

What to Expect
Once you decide to book your session with me(yay), we will decide on a location. If you have a location in mind, great! If not, I can recommend some cool spots around town. I'll meet you at our spot and then anything goes:) Don't expect alot of 'posing'. That's just not my style. When I look back at pictures of my family and I over the years, my favorite pics aren't the stiff posed family portraits....they are the ones of us laughing with each other, being silly, the ones that show true emotion. This is what I strive to capture in my sessions.

What to Wear
Ahhh..the question that I get asked the most frequently by clients! My answer....Wear what you feel comfortable in! My suggestions? I know we all love the pics with the whole family in khakis and white polos....BUT.....let's think outside the box a little. Think coordinating, not matching. You can all wear the khakis and polos but how about blue polos all in different shades? Try and stay away from whites as it tends to attract the sun.

What to Bring
1.Most importantly, your sense of humor! Have fun with this!! For one hour...you are the star of your very own photo shoot!
2.Outfit changes! Can't decide on an outfit? Bring a whole bag of stuff and I'll help you coordinate!
3.Snacks and drinks for the kiddos. Sometimes all it takes to give that tired baby his second wind is some crackers and juice!
4.Family heirlooms or any props that you would like included in your portrait session. Hats, scarves, balloons, your guitar, your Grandma's antique broach, a treasured family photo, your Bible......Whatever is important to you and your family, bring it! We will incorporate these things into your session!

Turnaround Time
You will normally have your pictures within 2-3 weeks from the date of your session.