Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52 | Week 1 | 2011

So my fellow photographer and friend, Shawna Peto has inspired me to not only try to blog once a week but also to start a once a week photo project. Once a week, on Fridays, Shawna posts a photo that she has taken that week and tells a little bit about it. For me...the point of it is to grow as a photographer....Sometimes I get so busy with the business aspect of all of this that I forget why I started the business in the first place.. So YES I'm jumping on the bandwagon! I'm going to *attempt* my own little Project 52...a once a week photo blog...every Friday. Thanks Shawna for the inspiration:) You can check out Shawna's fab personal blog HERE and her professional blog HERE.
So here goes.....
I took this pic this week while on a photo shoot with a fellow photographer...i love that she didnt think that I was weird for stopping to take a pic of an empty beer bottle and some abandoned shoes. :) I added a little texture to it and Florabells's b/w mink action.

and week 1..done. Whew. Anyone taking bets on how long I can keep this up? :)

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